Is there a scouting app for VEX?

I was wondering if anyone used an app for scouting for In The Zone? Or any techniques you use otherwise? I’ve been looking one up for a while on the App Store and I can’t find one for the recent game. Thanks!

Some teams have made their own scouting applications with data from VexDB. I intend to create and release a public app of my own (hopefully this summer). I just haven’t had time to work on it for a while primarily due to school.

Geez, that’s like the fourth or fifth scouting app I’ve heard is being worked on over the summer (including my own), we should get together, and share ideas

Nope, no one got around to it yet. Just make a google form, which im betting most of the apps (if they ever release) will essentially be. Maybe with a couple VexDB add ons, but google forms work pretty well.

Not sure I can agree with you on that… Google Forms can get you as far as a spreadsheet, but, beyond that, I see no place for Google Forms in terms of scouting apps.

Long story short: My app pulls event/match data from VexDB, which you can view similarly to how you would do so in VEX Via. As for scouting, I intend to (a) have a default algorithm that ranks teams based on scoring data and, if available, information manually entered by the user and (b) allow the user to set up custom form fields and custom algorithms to rank teams.

Interesting… I decided early on that I wanted mine to be a more social app, with the whole pulling from VexDB, but it would allow the whole set of teams using the app to rate other teams on common criteria. That way, scouting becomes an aggregation of data, not just from a single point of reference

Well… You can try to learn how to automatically import data into google sheets from whenever you type a team number, but yet again it may be difficult to do.

That would be horribly unintuitive. If a team wants to figure that out for their own scouting, that’s fine, but it makes no sense as far as an easy-to-use, easily adoptable option.

I did consider that, but different teams have different standards; I consider the data too subjective to use an aggregation of multiple teams’ data.

This past season, I wrote some google spreadsheet formulas that import data from vexdb based off of one user-generated cell. We used them to gather data for all the teams that went to worlds.
It collects the team’s location, school, and previous event results and lays the data out in a readable format.

This isn’t an app, but you can effectively “scout” any registered vex team by typing only the team’s number.

I’ll include a link to a working example I made. Feel free to copy it so you can edit it and use it for yourself. I’ve colour-coded it to make it easier to understand. The green cell is the only cell you should change. The red cells contain the formulas that import data.

I hope this is somewhat helpful :slight_smile:

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Can I add myself to the list of people who are working on scouting apps over the summer? My mentor wants me to make one because of how helpful it can be.

Side note: At this rate, scouting apps will become this season’s Rerun. people just want to do it because others are doing it.

Add me to the list, I already have a scouting app but I would like to see other people’s approaches.

I am currently only working on the API interface between VexDB and Excel/VBA. Most of my focus has been on testing different methods of ranking and match prediction. I hope to be able to take a competition and automatically generate both an expected rank list, as well as compare to the actual ranks to direct scouting to find false high and low ranks.

That’s neat. It would be nice if i could enter multiple teams and have it gather a bit of info for me in the adjacent rows. I may try and look at doing this myself if i have time :slight_smile:
Thanks once again for sharing this.

Here is a really basic one I made using Google sheets. Information is too cluttered and pulls values slowly. I switched to a java program. Also, I’m pretty sure this is an old division list.

Changing that to a competition size would probably make it a lot faster though. And nobody needs that many info columns for teams.
Good job on it though :slight_smile:

there is an app called “Team Analyzer for VEX”, although it might be only for androids.

I actually used that app for a short period of time. It works, but I don’t find the app helpful for scouting: I want to know how a team is doing today (competition day), not since the season started.

Leeks on an app is making…
It’s coming well.
Should be available for IOS and Android!

Currently developing a web app. It is functional. Displays all team stats from the specified tournament, and allows you to comment and upload pictures on every team.


It’s important to remember that like 90% of your users in this instance will be on a phone or tablets. Adopting a mobile friendly UI/UX is imperative to any such apps success.