Is there a Vision Senser in VexIq

Hi there guys, when I was going through the VexIq code blocks, I found Vision Senser. I was wandering that we maybe can use the Vision Senser that is for VRC for VexIq. If you do not believe me here is a vid that will prove my statement

Yes, the Vision Sensor is compatible with VEX IQ. On The Vision Sensor there is a specific IQ port on the bottom for VEX IQ Usage.


there is no specific port that you must use when programming, as far as knowledge goes

As stated, the black Vision Sensor works with both V5 and IQ.

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im doing the vex iq educators course and in the sensors unit, it doesnt talk about vision sensors…

yes, not for programming but on the actual physical vision sensor, you must use the IQ port at the bottom5dc340b0b7b3d


what does it do for a robot?

it gives it vision read the description

where is the description

it was a joke, but seeing that you’re serious, you could probably just find the product on the vex website and see the description there. vision sensor is for sensing multiple objects of varying colors essentially

obligatory vision sensor sucks.


It hasn’t been legal for IQ competition before this year, so not a lot of people have even tried to use it or even purchase it for IQ.

It is legal for this year, but what it is “good” at is detecting blobs of color, like a ball. Given that from the robot’s point of view it will see very few of these blobs, it’s not going to be terribly useful. I suppose it could be pointed down at an angle to detect the base of a riser, but I still don’t think it will be that helpful for the game this year.



wait you can use bumper switches?

Yes, VEX IQ Bumper Switches are on the legal parts list.

Along with the Small Auger Drill Bit and Steering Knuckle.


The Vision Senser will be great for autonumes for this year.

How do you plan on using it?

i was wondering the same thing. If you are doing vex iq, it will pretty much be uselesss, because the robot skills match set up looks pretty simple

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Well ya It could be Useless for this year, but if we have the vision senser it will sence stuff and we do not have to do too much programing

…Not as simple as you think…

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