Is there a way to force the VEX OS to load the most current V5 and VIQ firmware?

I have a windows laptop that I want to use to update both VIQ and V5 brains. How can I tell what the latest version is loaded on the laptop? The places I’m going I don’t have access to wifi. I’d like to be able to show up and plug into the brains and get them the latest firmware.

When I look at the splash screen it says to plug a powered on brain. The choices are for language and below that it says offline.

Foster, you know this is a @jpearman Ninja response!


For V5, if you are offline the V5 firmware utility will use the latest version it has cached, that is, as long as you have updated at least one brain the the latest version, it will have that version available to use offline. The utility will show this if it cannot reach the server to check for new versions.

and if you select the force update toggle (use Shift-V and click on the V5 icon to expand the window) it will show what is available.


For IQ gen 1, the vexos utility can download latest versions to use offline.

click on the offline button lower left corner.


Ok, Shift V shows two releases ago, how do I force it to update my local version without a brain to force it? (My spare brains are in use by teams (since we can’t get new brains))

Unfortunately there’s no way to do that, but I’ll send a DM with more info for you.