Is there a way to make the buttonV2 better?

We don’t have limit switches and I want to have our claw grab goals automatically, we have a variety of sensors including the buttonV2 but it takes a lot of pressure to actually push it, can someone help figure out a solution.

If you have line trackers, you can use them as contactless switches because the SENSOR_NAME.reflecivity() value will go up as a game element goes near the line tracker.

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Tie a rubber band around it so that the rubber band pushes it not enough to trigger it constantly but enough that the goal can trigger it.


You can also use lever, so that light push at the end is going to make significant force at the short distance. And also preload it with rubber band as @242EProgrammer said.

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A normal lever would reverse the direction of the force. Instead of input end-hinge-output end, you could do input end-output end-hinge, like this:


Thanks for the idea mate I’ll have to try this when I get back to my robot.

My team uses distance sensors instead of a button. That could work.

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