Is there a way to run code without a robot?

Are there any online simulations that are capable of running vex code without an actual robot? Asking because I’m trying to test code without the actual robot.

Because every robot is different, it would be pretty difficult to test code without a physical robot because no online simulation would be able to predict your robot’s structure, motor layout, or gear ratios (if applicable). Unless you’re developing this year’s hero bot, Disco, then I believe it would be possible through VEXcode Virtual Skills, although results will differ from real life since Disco has some unnatural capabilities in virtual skills from what I’ve seen.

That being said, I’d recommend you only test your code on a robot you actually have. Simulated programs wouldn’t show you the potential issues/weaknesses that your robot has related to things like friction, traction, weight, torque, etc.


Ah I see. That being said, how do you develop your code remotely?