Is there a way to test flash memory on CPU

I am having problems with RobotC loading programs into the TelOp slot, it well run from the computer but the file is not saved, Auto run programs download and run fine. This has been in RobotC 4.03 and 4.05, firm 1.07.

Programs in the TeleOp slot are not accessible unless you do two things with the current design of the VEX IQ

  1. Set your “Controller Mode” to the “Tele Op” setting - you can do this from the “Robot Menu” -> VEX IQ Controller Mode -> Tele-Op
  2. Make sure you have a wireless controller either tethered or wirelessly connected to the VEX IQ brain before downloading your program - otherwise the VEX IQ will not run a “Tele-Op” program with a connection and the software may display an error.


Did all that, no help.

At lest it was not just me!

Done more testing, autonomous programs go into the “Auto Pgms” Slot only and work Ok, TeleOp program go into both “TeleOp Pgms” and “Auto Pgms” Slots but only run from TeleOp. You can not upload a program with the controller Mode set to TeleOp-wireless controller needed, it will only run with USB or until turned off.

Just to give everyone a heads up, we are investigating these issues and we should have a fix in the very near future. Please feel free to post any other relevant information you may come across as it may help us with the debugging process, and keep an eye on our blog ( and this forum thread for any updates (Tim or myself will also post any updates on here to keep everyone in the loop).

Thank you for your patience as we get this sorted out!