Is there a way to turn off the V5 Brain LCD using PROS?

I would like to shut off the V5 Brain LCD during competition as it consumes 4-5 W of power consistently and this is causing the battery to drain quickly.
Any ideas other than a completely black screen using LVGL?

Even if its black, I guess it’s still backlit so probably doesn’t make any (or at least hardly any) difference what display is on the screen.
How do you know how much power the screen is consuming, or is that just based on idle consumption (which I guess includes processors and maybe radio as well if you have one connected)

I looked at the battery under devices and removed everything else. This is both during idle and operation

There is no way to turn off the backlight on the LCD completely, you can set to 50%, 75% or 100% in the V5 brain settings screen.

is it possible to modify the V5 firmware to make that even less?

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