Is there an ETA on the updated rubrics?

I’d hate to have the kids get deep into notebooking to find out their formatting is difficult for judges to score.


I have been told in a previous topic to expect updated rubrics to be released in mid august. (im in VRC, so IQ might be a little later or sooner.) To avoid the problem with the format, I have just been making a rough draft so after the rubrics come out I can adjust the format accordingly and all the information on our design process would just have to be rewritten in the new notebook. Making a rough draft is also nice because It allows me to make sure all my spelling and grammar is correct and since I make a lot of drawings, I can do a practice drawing and not have to worry about messing it up.


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May be released around the next scheduled game manual update on Aug 15th. The rubric will be identical between VRC and IQ.


I like that you want to better yourself by identifying key areas of improvement! Early season will be rough documents, and growth demonstrated in the notebook is critical! So do not worry about the early season blemishes, get started and show improvement throughout the season.

good luck!


Thanks all for the comments

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