Is there an option to name Cortex on VexCode V5

I am on the high school boys team at my school and there are like 5 teams. So IS there a way to fully customize and name the cortex?

If you have those LCD screens that used to be available you could print the teams name out on there. Otherwise the best option is some tape and a sharpie


I’m a bit confused as to what you are asking. You say you are using cortex, while also saying you are using VexCode. VexCode is not compatible with the cortex system. Did you mean to say that you are using the V5 Brain?


Yes, the brain is what I mean. I’m sorry I’m used to calling it a cortex because I started Robotics on IQ then I moved to V4, and now V5.

Yes, you can name brains in VEXcode V5. Connect the brain to the computer via USB, then click the brain icon, which should be green.

However, if what you want to do is be able to easily distinguish each team’s brains from the outside, then a label maker seems like a better bet.


It does get confusing when 5 “VEX_V5” Brains pop up for connection and you don’t know which is yours. Did anyone find a solution for renaming them so they are more easily identified? I tried both recommended solutions above and nether worked (rename from VEXcode brain menu & and rename from the brain menu on the brain).

How are you getting 5 v5 brains trying to connect at once?

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I’m not. But when we look to connect, every powered brain in the room shows up…and they all have the same name.

Are you trying to wirelessly connect? If so, through what?

I’m sorry. I guess more detail would be helpful. This is when trying to connect via VEXcode iPad version. So, yes, a Bluetooth connection.

I think @tbobik might be able to help here.

I think the only way to rename a V5 brain is using VEXcode Pro V5 at the moment.


Correct - VEXcode Pro V5 is the only option as of today.

We’re working on adding this feature in an upcoming update to VEXcode V5.


So, I can just connect through VEXcode Pro V5 to rename it and then it will display that name when searching to connect with an iPad?

Correct. Connect via USB in VEXcode Pro V5, rename, and then when connecting via BT on VEXcode V5 the name will appear with your new renamed label.


Fantastic! …