Is there any code I can yoink?

I have a 4 motor drive base that I want to test. My team’s coder is MIA, is there any copy and paste code I could use to test my base? It’s just a 4 motor drive train with omniwheels, 4 omniwheels.

Yes, and you don’t even have to Yoink it. The V5 brain has a built-in “driver control” program that you can use. You’ll have to plug your motors into the correct ports to use it. I believe that when you go into the driver control program, it shows you what ports to use. I don’t have a V5 brain here in front of me, but I think it is ports 1 & 9 for the left drivetrain and ports 2 & 10 for the right.


What if my motors are facing different directions? Right now, I have them set up where the wires connecting the motors of the drivetrain are facing away from each other,

You can reverse your motors in the motor setup. Either do it manually in the text or look for the motor icon in the upper right corner.

Try plugging it in and testing it.

I’m not sure what you mean by “different directions” because that seems normal. Maybe a picture would help.


I test drove it and only 1 motor spins.

Things to check when this happens.

  1. On the V5 brain, use the Devices feature to check that each motor spins independently. If a motor does not spin when it should, then make sure the wire is in all the way, that the wire is good, the motor is good, and the port is good.
  2. Verify that your motors are in the correct ports for built-in Driver Control program.

you can actually just open up vexcode. Click the motor icon in the top right then click add a drivetrain, and add a controller. And then click on the picture of the joystick on the controller. This automatically creates a driving program using the motor ports you set up the drivetrain with.