Is there any docs for VEXIQ 2nd C++?

I use vscode to program my VEXIQ robot. I just guess and try the function and behavior of the commands. It’s inefficient. Is there any document for VEXIQ C++ program?

Welcome to the forum!

I set up this site a while back:

which is generated by pointing doxygen at the C++ header files that ship with VEXcode IQ. It’s a little rough around the edges but should give you information about all the classes and functions available, even the ones that VEXcode’s built-in help text doesn’t tell you about.

These docs should also be applicable, at least mostly, to the VS Code extension, I’m sure jpearman will elaborate on differences between the two APIs if there are any.

(Incidentally, the help text built in to VEXcode is quite good, and clicking around those pages can also be a good way to get familiar with the API. But not super convenient to do that on an ongoing basis if you’re programming in VS Code.)


Thanks, your information quite helps.