Is there any longer beam than 4*12 available like the 2*16 ones?

Is there any longer beam than 4*12 available that seems to come for 2x beams for 2x16 and 2x20 ones, the team needs it to have a longer length to cover 19 inch allowed for the robot?

Yes, there is a 4x16 plate, but you can’t buy them individually. You need to buy a kit that comes with it.

and it is part of the Legal Parts list.

EDIT: Can others confirm that the Minotaur set is only $20 across America at Michael’s? I’m so tempted to buy this now, not even for parts, but just because I’ve wanted one of these for a while.


Yes, but it’s hit and miss at stores. It’s $7 to ship two, so not sure what your pain point is to drive and get immediate satisfaction.

Thanks for posting that Michales had them for a decent price. I’ve seen their other items for cheaper, but the 50% off for the second item may swing it.

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