Is there any places to buy vex parts or vex related parts for cheaper or get them if vex isn’t in stock?

So our school is not the most funded for its robotics programs and we can’t really afford the pneumatics as well as tools for building our robots. So I was wondering if there is cheaper options for mainly things like the pneumatics and other vex parts including the metal beams.

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You can get screws, tools, plastic, and more useful parts at Robosource at a good price.


The VEX price on the pneumatics kits really isn’t bad. This is mostly a pass-thru item for VEX, and they mark it up a few percent. The pneumatic components are commercial parts, and commercial components are more expensive than the consumer products you’re used to buying.

For tools, look into Harbor Freight’s sponsorship for schools. You might be able to get some free stuff. Here’s a link to their website: Harbor Freight Tools Donations
We’ve tried, but as a community team rather than a school, they turned us down.

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I have an extra classroom kit and accessories to sell if you’re interested.