Is there any update that you can give us?

I received the November/December issue of Robot magazine yesterday and let me first say that the article on the Bottlebot 3 was great!

While I was looking through this issue to see if there was any information on the new products, I saw the Vex Wheel Legs. Unfortunately, it didn’t say when they would be available.

I know that everyone keeps asking you about when the new products will be released, but I was just wondering if there was any kind of update that you could gives us.

I know that it takes time to develope, test, and produce new products and I wouldn’t want you to rush through that process in any way. I would rather that you took the time necessary to produce great quality Vex products and accessaries.

It would just be nice though if you could post some information about where the various new products are in that process and when they might be available - just to keep us all in the loop. I know that we are all anxious for them to come out.

Thanks for listening,

Latest forecasts say the VEX Wheel Legs will be available in November.


Thanks for the information on the Vex Wheel Legs and for your post today on all the other products.

We’ve all probably been driving everyone there crazy with all of our questions about when the new products would be released.

Keep up of the great work!

How did you recieve the November/December issue, their website shows September/October as the latest issue? I get Robot Magazine too and I have been looking forward to the next issue.

I received it last week in the mail. According to the Robot Magazine website, the November/December issue was scheduled to be out on 9/16. I usually get the issues a few days before they are scheduled to come out.

The November/December issue is up on their website now, but they haven’t finished setting all of the links yet for the online content. They had a message up saying that they would be working on that.

That’s all I can tell you. You should have received your copy by now unless it got delayed or lost in the mail.