Is there any use for vision sensor in this competition?

I want to incorperate a vision sensor into my robot ,but I can not think of any practical uses for it.

from what ive seen unless ur using a single color in an autonomus skills run i dont see a use for it but others may find uses for it tho

Automatic cube sorter? You could use it to separate unwanted cubes from the intake, or in the event you want all cubes you could use it to sort them to different holding mechanisms.

You could also use it to detect the contents of a tower in autonomous, too, and make decisions about descoring, scoring, scoring elsewhere, etc.

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You could use it to detect if there is a cube already placed in a neutral tower in the autonomous period by another robot. You could detect the color of said cube, and your robot could react accordingly. IE: The red alliance has an orange cube in a neutral tower, so your robot picks up and scores an orange cube in order to get more points. You could go as far as create scenarios for each tower and what color of cube is in it (if there is a cube in that tower). That would mean that your robot should be able to see which color will score the most, and then it will score cubes of that color. But I doubt that that could be achieved in the 15 seconds that we have. Maybe if we had a longer time…