Is there RobotC for the Raspberry Pi?

Is there RobotC for the Raspberry Pi?


Sorry, but it seems like ROBOTC is mainly for microcontrollers and not computers. I think the Raspberry Pi is a computer, which isn’t what ROBOTC is truly meant for, but, on the other hand, the Arduino is capable of being programmed by ROBOTC though.
Hopefully this helps! :slight_smile:

The question can be interpreted in two ways…

Can you RUN RobotC on the RPi, like you can on Windows?
Answer: Maybe, if you are a bit of a masochist, very patient, and really know what you are doing. You might have better luck with PROS

Can you use RobotC to compile code for the RPi like you can for an Arduino?
Answer: No, but there are plenty of good programming languages for the Pi that allow you to both compile AND execute code on the Pi such that it accesses the GPIO pins. You do run into a bit of a hurdle in that the Pi’s standard operating system is not a “real time” OS, so your I/O may occasionally be interrupted by operating system calls.

But you can use a Pi to program an arduino which, using the “Servo” library, will be happy to control VEX speed controllers.

You can get there from here, but you might have to take a different path than you had originally planned.