Is there Tournament Manager Software for VexIQ?

I am hosting my first VEXIQ Tournament in Jan 2023. I haven’t competed at a VEXIQ tournament either, but have been competing in VRC for the last 5 years. Is there Tournament Manager Software for IQ? If so where do I find it for download, and what types of hardware requirements are there? Trying to be ready before Jan. Thank you for the info. Mr. Melson

The REC Foundation uses TM for most of their competitions. You can run a VRC, IQ, or RAD competition.


Check out the EP resources:

TM is used for IQ, too.


As other have said it is the same software as for VRC. Since IQ has no field control hardware, there is less complexity involved with an IQ event setup. You can still have Field Timer displays, audience displays, pit displays, and everything that you use at a VRC event.