Is this a DQ?

Hey guys, I was just wondering if you guys think that this is a DQ? (See Video below) Obviously not trying to start any drama.I spoke to the head ref and he said since it was indirect contact and not match affecting. But in the info that they sent out for the Google signature event they said this” A Blue Robot playing defense on a Red Robot that pushes a Red Robot into their own Inner Protected Zone may be considered a violation of SG3-E.”
c. “Regarding indirect contact with an opponent’s Inner Protected Zone, G14 should be considered”
3. From QA 376:
a. “Yes, one Robot pushing another into causing some action is considered “indirect
contact” by the first Robot. Therefore, a Robot which pushes an opponent into the opponent’s own Protected Zone or Goal Zone would be subject to the full extent of SG3”

(Sg3 can be found below) I’m not trying to complain as all rulings from the head ref are final just wondering what you think.

(I do not have the whole video just the clip)!


I my mind that is an absoulute dq


I agree I think that it’s a DQ

My assumption is that maybe the ref looked at this as an SG3-A violation (“Contact an opponent Robot which is fully contained within their Protected Zone”), which has the “match-affecting” DQ? Although really the Red never got fully contained, so I guess that couldn’t be it. Maybe SG3-B or D? Both of which Blue probably indirectly did.

It appears that the more accurate call perhaps should have been both an SG3-E and (xxSG3-F) violation (“Contact an opposing Alliance’s Inner Protected Zone” and (xx"Cause Scored Cubes within the opponent’s Protected Zone to no longer meet the definition of Scored"), both of which would have been a DQ regardless of match-affecting.
[ETA - as @Grayson_21050A noted below, not SG3-F because stack was not yet considered scored and I originally thought it was.]

It looks like a weird double-indirect action (Blue pushed Red who pushed Red), so maybe that is why it might have been called another way, but my interpretation of the rule would say it still was “one robot pushing another into causing some action”. However, as you have pointed out - what the head ref says goes, and no one can change the final ruling after the fact!

Also - while in the video (where you can watch a tiny clip over and over) it seems like the Blue pushed Red into Red, in the actual match that was such a very short period of time that it would have been easy to see differently or just miss.


Good Point! I also thought it was interesting if you watch one of the refs he clearly sees it and points out at that robot just didn’t think it was a DQ I guess

In SG3 it says “cause a scored cube to become not scored.” If they’re touching the cubes, they’re not scored. So knocking them over Isn’t against anything in my opinion.

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Ahh - I was focused on the 2 robots in the middle and just saw the stack fall off to the side and assumed it had been scored. Going back to watch again, you are right - they never did finish and back off the stack.


Blue violated SG3-A by making indirect contact with a robot fully contained in their protected zone (the one scoring), which needed to be match affecting to warrant a DQ. This may be where the ref established their ruling.

However, Blue also made indirect contact with the IPZ, which is a violation of SG3-E. That violation does require a DQ.

I can understand the ref making that mistake, because the double contact and falling cubes are both a distraction, and the ref only saw it once in real time.

It was very foolish of blue to get anywhere near the protected zone. Their lead was obvious.

vanity edit to make what I wrote correct, thanks @sazrocks


I didn’t notice that they were in the protected zone, then yea def a dq

I agree and I think that it’s a DQ

You have that backwards. Violating SG3-E is an instant DQ, regardless of match affecting or not. DQ from violating SG3-A depends on whether it is match affecting.


Blue was one of the best teams in the world 7k they made a mistake the match wasn’t even close that’s why I wasn’t super mad

Look, it does not matter if it is “best teams in the world”, if it meets the criteria for mandatory DQ, then it should be regardless of who the teams are. Nothing in the Game Manual about exceptions for “Best teams in the World”.


I mean I know our team tried arguing but the ref didn’t agree with us I guess. But I do think if the ref had seen it properly and understood the rules then they would have been DQ. The ref just messes up tbh

Depends, as a soccer referee (a poor one at that :slight_smile: ) I can see a couple of situations here:

  • Head Referee did not see it
  • Head Referee did not see connection with robot being used to perform an illegal act (Blue to red1 to red2 contact)
  • Head Referee confused if automatic DQ or match affecting conditional…

and other cases …

It is hard for referees - but then the broader context - was this a qualifying round or eliminations? Pressure to make calls…

and as some have opined on FB - did the referee use too much starch in the laundry… (seriously!)


It was a qualification round and yes it’s easy to see watching the flip over and over but in real time it was probably hard for the ref to see

its hard to say, but i think its a dq

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