Is this a good strategy?

So our teams strategy in the matches so far is to only collect purple cubes. We deposit a stack of 7 cubes and then go for towers. Is there a more efficient way of scoring the same points? Just wondering.

Our teams have discusses this same issue, weather to go for one color only or diversify hoping to gain extra points from the other teams’ endeavors. The captain of a sister team suggested meeting in the middle saying that how much you diversify should depend on you and your alliances cube capacity. If you cannot handle many cubes, you should focus on a color, but the higher capacity your have, the more you diversify because they will all make points. I’m not saying which way to go because we haven’t had our first comp yet, so idk what will work the best, just offering another strategy to consider.

Your preloads set you up wtih a 2 cube advantage in your color. Past that its split 50-50. Half of your color are on your side, half are on your opponents. Additionally the protected side auton can wrangle a few easy of your color and prepare them to stack.

Heres where the numbers game becomes a lot less interesting. Towers only effectively multiply not your total amount of a color, but how many more you have than the opponent.
Example: If both alliances have 5 oranges each, then putting an orange in a tower is useless.

Therefore, if you are capable of really utilizing the towers, then go for colors. Pick and choose carefully, since each cube you put in a tower is one you cannot put on a stack. Fill up and defend cups while your opponents are stacking, and defend when they re-enter play.

If you are not capable of playing the tower game, then you have to win via stacks. To do that, you will want to make sure you diversify or match your opponents color choices to minimize the impact of their towers.


If you have a tray bot, is it worth it to stack over 7 cubes? From what I can see, it is more concerned on the towers after 7. Also, if you would mess up say for example a stack of 9, you would most likely lose the match. I am wondering if our team should be able to stack more than 7.

You should stack more. In order to 100% guarantee a win, you need a minimum capacity of 12 (or biggest stack of 12). While it is risky (and I don’t see many teams stacking 12), it is definitely worth it to go at least 9.

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If you wanted to check you could use the VRC app to determine the best combination of cubes and towers.

Well the best is just getting 13 of each cube, that way you literally can’t lose

just under 3 cubes/sec average and literally impossible because of autonomous line… I like it

PS I changed my username. Earlier I was “qwerty2”

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…you can cross the line in driver control my guy

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Oh wait sorry I read that wrong XD. idk y but I thought you said during auton


During auton, it is pretty easy to get 4 opposite side color cubes and stack it. our strat is if we are blue, our traybot will start near the non protected zone, and it is able to get 8 cubes easily, 4 orange if we on blue. then our clawbot with dr4b will most likely put 2 orange cubes in tower and just start hoarding, so after auton ends we can finish the nonprotected zone with about 13 cubes in it, and start to play more towards the protected sides. so at the start of the game the nonprotected zone is filled and we don’t need to worry about that area so we can hit up the protected zone

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I personally believe only going for one color is a mistake, however your thought process is correct. I personally will go for two colors just so I always have an option nearby. One of those colors will always be purple because if I win autonomous I want to exploit those two bonus cubes, if I lose auton I don’t want my opponent using the two purple cubes against me.

no, not nesscecarily one color, we are just gonna go for orange early and decide on what they start stacking. it will depend later and on the situation, how well the enemy can do towers and or stack. let’s say they are redside and going for purple. if they can tower well, we hoard the cubes away so they can’t stack as easily. if they can stack well but not tower, it is fine for them to have more green cubes, as long as we keep the towers clean for us

Personally I really believe that purple should always be a target for the reasons I previously stated. I don’t believe waiting to see what your opponent does with colors is the best idea either. If your opponent is smart enough they can use that to there advantage and corner you to using the colors that they don’t want and manipulate you to do something that benefits them. By the end of the season all the teams are gonna be scoring a similar amount cubes in a match. How you play colors is gonna be what wins worlds, and you want to be the one controlling that.

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i think that the focus a color strategy is risky. since the towers are super easy to defend, its hard to consistently and quickly place cubes up there under pressure. i’d only do it if im losing. there are much better strategies atm

For early season maybe, but later I think color selection will be necessary to an extent. Now I’m not saying you cherry pick colors super harshly, if your surrounded by nothing but a certain color then take those, but prioritize what you focus on. Personally I don’t like leaving it up to chance whether I come out on top in the tower exchange.

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you can see their type of robot and determine strengths and weeknesses. if you saw them go put 6 green during auton, play off of that. you can probably draw conclusions and play out the driver control with a strategy to beat them in mind.

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