Is this a practical?? 10D's new idea

Hey everyone do you guys think that this would be practical in competition?

Driver Team Exothermic 10D

What exactly is the purpose of this catapult? As far as I can tell all it is doing is changing the angle of your ramp. Perhaps you could post a video of the robot interacting with scoring objects.

I’ve seen another robot that uses pneumatics as well for their ramp but it wasn’t very useful. They were planning on throwing things into their isolation zone but it didn’t work very well so they ended playing HORSE with another team that had pneumatics as well. It was quite funny.

As said before, a video showing the ramp with game objects would be very helpful. Is the point for the ramp angle to change the speed of intaking and outputting game objects, or is the goal to actually score directly from the ramp. If the second option is what you are hoping for, the I don’t think its practical.

Did the idea come from Gladstone?

Lets put it this way, your idea has already been created by another team in my region. Its very successful but for you to be able to execute it properly its going to take a lot of time and effort to get the catapult accurate. :smiley:

If it allows you to drop the game objects into the goals faster, then yes, its very useful

Cleansweepman, which team are you talking about cause I am talking about a team from your region as well?

404E, there school is literally 3 minutes walking from our school… :slight_smile: Anyway they upgraded there robot at the tournament on 2/11/12 in SLO, Ca. But you probably saw them on 1/21/12 in Modesto, Ca. ?

Lol yeah I was talking about 404E as well. And yeah we saw them at Modesto as well, how did you know??? STALKER… lol jk.

They used their pneumatics at around 1:48 in this video, but that was a last ditch effort for them because their intake didn’t activate. Oh and I was saying stupid stuff so…