Is this a rule?

Are you allowed to have the preload cube touching the borders of the goal zone as long as it’s touching the bot?

I believe a preload and cubes are considered an extension of a robot

So I dont think so

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Of course, check the game manual first before just asking blindly.


The only conditions for the Preload are that it is contacting exactly one robot and fully within the field perimeter, so I would say yes, it’s fine. In fact, I’d even go as bold as to say that it is possible to start a match with the Preload within the goal, if you could somehow design your robot to touch a cube without touching the barrier.


I was about to make something explaining this, due to the wording in the rules it appears this is the case with those being the only two conditions of the preload.

The only argument that I could present to this is G12 in which “possessed” cubes are an extension of the robot. (though possession isn’t defined and I interpret possession as moving with the robot as it moves).

I can’t be bothered to check but it might be clarified on the official vex Q&A

As the preload is an extension of the robot and the robot can’t contact the goal zone you are not allowed to have the preload placed or in any way touching the goal zone. This was the ruling the head ref gave at a tournament I was at, and also what I understand the rules as, however you should always check with each events head ref.


It’s only an extension of the robot if it is in possession of that robot. A preload tucked into the claw or placed onto a tray is likely in possession. A preload placed on the ground next to the robot and just touching it is likely NOT in possession.

Therefore, if a robot merely touches a cube and doesn’t possess it, that cube should be able to be in or near or touching the goal zone. If I were a ref, that would be my interpretation based on the rules as written.

This specific question it looks like has been asked on the q and a but not yet answered, so once an official ruling is given we will all know for sure! Until then, all answers are just “best guesses” and how it is called will be subject to interpretation by head refs.


I don’t think the rules specifically prohibit it. I think that it will be discretionary call by the head ref, until it is answered by the Q&A, which I think will likely prohibit it. Starting with a cube in the goal zone kind of spoils autonomous.

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Thanks! could not get access to the rules… so i asked here.

Why can you not access rules on internet but have internet access to vex forum ?

Bookmark this link for future reference - it has pretty much all the information you need.


That I do not think is allowed , I would have to look it up , but I really don’t think preloads can be in goal zone.