Is this allowed?

I was watching videos and saw tipped cones in the 10 and 20 point zones. This seems like it would cause them to lose. Is it allowed to purposefully place a tipped cone in the opponents zones?

If you’re talking about placing cones on the opposing alliances scoring zones, I believe that would be illegal according to SG10. It states that “Robots my not contact the opposing alliance’s 10 point zone or 20 point zone”
SG11 and SG12 refer to similar situations, but I would recommend you read through those rules to see how they pertain to your situation

Thank you

While you could not touch a cone you were placing in the 10 or 20 point zone (by the “robot gloves” interpretation - any illegal action does not become legal if a scoring object or other robot is used as a “glove” to complete the action), you could legally toss a cone into either zone, as long as you did not touch it as it landed.