Is this allowed?

Our team is working on intake ideas and we are woundering if this is allowed. We couldn’t find anything that doesn’t say so. Thanks

Which part? Using zipties on that way is fine. All of the parts look like Vex parts… Nothing jumps out at me as a problem.

Yeah the zip ties is what we were worried about. We are using it to strengthen the flaps would that still be legal?


Yes. As long as they are identical to the ones that VEX sells on their website, you can use them in any part of your robot. If they are any different than the ones VEX sells, their use is limited to cable management purposes.

I read somewhere once that you couldn’t use zip ties to connect chains because they’d touch the sprocket and not be legal. Would that also be legal, then?

Do you have a link to the source where it says that? I can’t remember any rules dictating what a sprocket can or can’t mesh with.

It’s legal, so long as you’re using zip ties of the same size/type that VEX sells. There are no limits to how VEX-identical zip ties can be used.

You either misunderstood what you read or what you read was not accurate. So long as the zip ties are the ones that Vex sells or are identical in every way (with the exception being for color) you can use them however you want so long as you do not violate other rules.

Ok, thanks! I think I found the one I had read, and I must have misunderstood the first time I looked at it. I thought they were saying that if it touched it wouldn’t be legal, but on re-reading I guess they were saying it wouldn’t work well if it touched the sprocket. Link -