Is this camera any good?

i am thinking about getting this camera for vex robotics.Does anyone else have this camera?

As long as u have a DVR, VCR, Capture card for ur computer. and u must be able to mount it to the vex
good luck

What are the Power Requirements for the Camera?? It might “pull” so much power, that your Battery goes dead almost instantly.

Range might be an issue- many cameras won’t go through walls very well, don’t go very far, etc. I don’t know about this particular one though. Look at the reviews on the site, they sound kinda negative.

One of the reviews said he got signal 200 ft away but I would definitly be careful with cameras that are designed for security purposes, they might not handle be on a robot which is moving around very well.

Have a look at search for part number 83161 or 83162 They are cameras for model makers. also you can view my setup by clicking on my signature link, it shows some shots of a lorex camera I use (model SG8840) it has a rechargable lithium battery in the camera. Be aware that the quality of signal is going to depend on a whole miriad of things. As most of these wireless cams operate at 2.4GHz you will have interference from cordless phones, microwave ovens, wireless internet etc to contend with so chances are you won’t get a perfect picture unless the receiver and transmitter are very close. From personal experience I find that I get horizontal interference lines flickering on the screen of the TV, as the distance between the cam and receiver increases it does get worse. Having said that it is great fun to drive a bot from a remote location and worth the sometimes less than perfect picture. A friend and I spent about an hour “exploring” his darkened basement while we were in the living room.

What kind of range through walls and stuff does that camera get? I get maybe 2 rooms away and it’s toast (I bought a really crummy one off ebay)

Scatterplot, the both sundancewfs camera and bobots get about 300 feet clear transmission though sundancewfs site claims that it gets 1000 feet open transmission i haven’t got mine to go for more than 300feet,
bobots camera is a good one the 9v battery will last about 1 hour and a half on night vision it might go out sooner but if your going to spend at least 100 dollars on a camera check out this one