Is this cap technically scored?

I was just wondering in a scenario like this would the cap count as low scored for the red alliance, because the rule states that the opposite core has to be touching the tiles, platforms, or white lines, but upon inspection this cap looks pretty neutral.
In the pictures the core is in contact with the platform
Forum Cap Scored.jpg
Forum Cap Scored 2.jpg

If the core is contacting the platform, it meets the criteria of scored and would be awarded to Red. For official GDC confirmation, please post the question to the Official Q&A on

Contact can be confirmed with a sheet of paper, and probably should be done by the referee to communicate clearly to both alliances that it has been checked and signal with a thumbs up.

I’m more curious if someone can balance a cap like that on the poles. It technically would fulfill all the rules for High Scored.

Ask Official Q&A for that one - not sure if there is a paper test for it :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure it would fall off just by someone slamming into the wall

Recall that objects are scored at the end of the match. The situation being asked is how would be scored at the end of match or autonomous.