IS This Descoring?

Ok, I came up with a scenario that I think its a legal way to “descore” the enemy team. Would it be legal if the enemy team was holding a mobile goal, contacting it so the cones and mobile cones are NOT scored yet, and you knock the cones off the mobile goal. Would this be descoring if the cones did not count for a score in the first place? How about if they are an internal stacker and you run into there robot indirectly knocking their cones over? If you have other scenarios that would be legal, I would like them clarified. I will not enact any of these types of strategies as I think its not sportsman-like.

Even if the cones aren’t scored, they are still stacked so this would be a violation of SG5

Again, would hitting the robot be illegal?

No cones are scored at all until the end of the match, so there is no concept of “not yet scored.” Everything is not yet scored, so you can’t rely on that to insulate you from a rules violation.

Well that would count as indirectly removing cones from an opponent’s stack, wouldn’t it? Assuming cones fell off when you hit the robot

Ok, thanks for the responses.

What if they ram into you with thier stack causing it to tip over cones

@easton already answered this. but here is what the rule says.

if i understand this correctly, you are talking about a scenario where a team intentionally rams into you cause their own stack to lose cones. This is addressed in

I asked a referee this yesterday at a tournament. He said that any action that causes cones to fall off, including using the other team to do so (hitting them, etc.) is considered descoring.
There really is no legal way to descore an opponent.
Hope this helped!

I had an idea for a fan that would blow the cones over once. Then I realized it was a rule against descoring period, not touching them.

A team tried to argue this, I still DQed them.

Well, if you ACCIDENTALLY hit them (and it was obvious that it was accidental) and cones fall off, that could be legal.

No, you might get away with a warning depending on your ref

NO, it would NOT be legal as the rule states:
<SG5> Robots may not intentionally or accidentally, indirectly or directly, remove Cones from an
opponent’s Stack (i.e. Cones that are fully nested on an opponent’s upright Goal).
a. A Robot that accidentally knocks over an opponent’s Goal, causing Cones to be removed,
would be in violation of this rule. Teams should exercise extreme caution when interacting
with or around opponent Goals.
You may not intentionally or ACCIDENTLY remove cones from an opponents stack. It might be a warning the first time you do it, if not match effecting. A DQ, if match effecting or if you do it again after being warned.

Oh…never mind then xD

I believe there is only way an opposing alliance could “descore” a cone. <SG5> states, “Robots may not intentionally or accidentally, indirectly or directly, remove Cones from an opponent’s Stack (i.e. Cones that are fully nested on an opponent’s upright Goal).” According to this, if an opposing alliance were to knock off, steal, etc, a cone that wasn’t “fully nested” on either a goal or a cone, then the robot wouldn’t be, by definition, removing a cone from an opponent’s stack.

But if it is not fully nested, then it is not consider as stacked, and it will not be scored. And if the non-nested cone is removed, it is not consider as descore.

Of course, that is why I said “descore”, I’m glad we agree!