Is this ESD or something else

At a competition yesterday I had 2 ports on my brain brake and 1 broke a few weeks ago. The light on the motor in the broken port began flashing. My theory is that it was caused by ESD but I am not 100% sure. But this seems a bit strange to me because I have had the same brain since last season and had no problems like this at all. I am curious if anyone has any ways to prevent my problem in the future. I know that their is anti static spray and I plan to spray my arena with it.

Broken cables are more likely than not in this case.

Broken cables are not the cause I tried using other cables.

and did you try different motors - all I am saying, there are many to jump on the ESD band wagon without really diagnosing the problem nor have evidence of root cause of issues.,


Yes I did try different motors and figured out the motor is not the cause and that the issue is coming from the ports on the brain. My main concern is If something is happening to my brain or if I am just experiencing ESD.