Is this even legal to do?

But it still functions so it’s illegal

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True, it’s non-functional. But the rule book refers to functionality, not necessarily electronic functionality.

And in this case, the extra brain/battery certainly have functionality as extra weight.

I would send a polite report to RECF or the event organizers. Maybe even just inform the team about that.

Note to the @GRC, please add to this to the the brain section. This exists for battery and motor descriptions. Then I don’t need to have this argument that brains that are used for weight are functional. That argument almost killed me in the “what is a legal nut” in the 2023 fastener wars. Thanks!!

a). Additional brains cannot be used on the Robot (even brains that aren’t connected).


My coach said that she will most likely kick their skills score off so they will not qualify for states as of now and she will also talk with the competition manager as well as this team’s coach about allowing this.


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Did you mean @VEX_GDC ?

I agree with you fully though, clarification seems needed to me to address the functionality argument.

Yea, I was working on a governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) document for a consulting customer and didn’t fully task switch.

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Your coach should talk to the RECF EEM before they do that. This could more or less an error on the Event Partner and the Inspection Process. (Not being there, I’m not in a position to decide)

I don’t think it’s fair to disqualify a team that thought they had a valid robot that they played and got a good score with. They easily could have been told “ditch the brain and battery” replaced it with 6 of the weighted fly wheels (I carry them in my parts bag for just this reason) and scored well in skills.

Get the RECF EEM to sort it out.


Was it there before inspection? If it passed inspection I would assume thats a bigger issue.

This picture was taken at skills while teamwork match approx 120 was running so he had already had 4 matches with one left.

This might be something for your coach to clarify on the Official VIQRC Q&A on RobotEvents. I would not include the picture, but describe the situation for clarification. Let the RECF EEM or TEM handle any further with the team/coach that built the robot for clarification as well as contact with the EP regarding inspections.