Is this going to blow up my drive?

If I attached 2 motors to one wheel on each side and 1 motor to the other front wheels, and all the motors have the same rpms, would it matter? Or would it screw up my drive?

That should be fine, we have done it like that before. If you can link the wheels with chain. It will give you full motor power on only one of the wheels if needed. It will still work if not though.

It works fine. The wheels in the back will just have 2x the torque.

What if I don’t link them with chain?
Second question: What if you were to do this with mechnam drive?

The only thing I would worry about is if your robot has enough weight to reduce the speed of the drive. The reason I say this is because then when you turn, you’ll have more torque on the back wheels and might not turn perfectly.

Weight distribution. Strafing would become unbalanced without either a PID compensator-probably with a gyro-or proportional weight distribution to motor power. Speaking from experience.

I’m not sure about mechnam drive but without chain your robot should be fine. Just if one wheel lifts off the ground you will only have some of the motors powering the wheel on the ground, not all of them for that side.