Is this hang problem legal?

So one time at kimball super mega tournament and we were going in for a hang (a tier) then while we were really close to hanging our team partner went under us and we tipped and also this team who did it to us also dint listen to our strategy they never scored all they did was spin so I’m just wondering if it’s legal to get a rematch because of the hang prob and also we would’ve won if we hanged…

Or for bad strategy (not yours).

There’s no penalty for your teammate messing with your hang. Sometimes that’s how it goes. Check the manual.

No, a rematch is out of the question. SG11 (Elevation is protected) applies only to the opposing Alliance’s elevation bar. If it was your alliance partner who caused you to tip and miss out on the elevation then I do not believe there are any grounds for a rematch.

Sometimes you have great alliance pairings, other times not so much. It’s all part of the game. No grounds for a rematch if your alliance partner scores nothing and just spins the whole game, either.


If your teamate really did just throw the match intentionally then i would say they should get a G1 reprimand.