Is this illegal?

Idk if this has been covered or not or if this is even legal, but are you allowed to possibly catapult a cube at your opponents tower and knock it over if you’re outside of their protected zone?

This is deemed illegal in SG3,
Stay away from your opponent’s protected areas. Robots may not intentionally or accidentally, directly or indirectly, perform the following actions:

Cause Scored Cubes within the opponent’s Protected Zone to no longer meet the definition of Scored (i.e. “knock over their stack”).

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Also rule SG7 “Cubes may not be used to accomplish actions that would be otherwise illegal if they were attempted by Robot mechanisms.”

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Lmao thx for letting me know…I thought I was onto something new

you could however launch a cube into a tower at the start of autonomous but it wouldn’t be the most repeatable thing.