Is this illegal?!?!?

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Is this illegal or just really infuriating?


(g12) Put simply: “wall-bots” and “cap-bots” are legal, but they are to be attempted at your own risk.


They’re not illegal as long as it meets all the inspection requirements

And also, yes, it is just very annoying

i would try to put on a brake so u cant be pushed

One of my students has a bot like this. We took it to a tournament and were frustrated by some of the referee’s rulings. They told us that if we were pushed into the outer protected zone and the opponent’s robot was partially in the outer protected zone, that we had to move out of the way to let them score.

I told my students that if they wanted to continue with that design then they would need to post some questions with pictures to the official Q&A.

Just FYI it is annoying, but you would be surprised how easily teams can move you by pushing/pulling on the end of your arms. It’s basically a really long lever arm so they get a lot of mechanical advantage.


You might want to have things drop from the wall and contact the ground to grip it. Traction wheels placed at an angle could help.

Locked omnis may work as well

you can’t touch the walls, right?

if you can, i would put some on-slip mat on the ends to stay put.

again brakes would help

You can touch walls , that is totally legal.

Try putting a big rubber band from one end of the wall to the other to release the pressure on the axels, motors and screws.

They are legal but I don’t let my student’s build defensive bots. I think they miss the spirit of the game.

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talking to the refs after the drivers meeting about specific defense strategies is super helpful too because it gets the ref on your side, so they are more likely to make a thought out ruling on your defensive plays rather than calling it illegal immediately.