Is this Legal? Does it count?

Would it be Vex legal to stack a skyrise on a pole? Also if a cube was scored on that skyrise would it count for cube on skyrise points or just cube on pole?
Also would it be legal for the top cube to be knocked off?

a skyrise section can be placed in or on a post legally, but adds no points to your total score. a cube only counts as being on a pole even if there is a skyrise section on the pole.
the cube can never be counted as scored on a skyrise unless on the skyrise base with a skyrises section in it. the top cube of any color can be de-scored (taken off) if it is not entirely under the plane of the pole.

most questions like this can be easly found on the game manual at this link.

happy vexing!

Just adding on to what has already been said, if you were to add another cube on top that is only on the skyrise section it would not count for anything, because the post is not within the volume of the cube. Therefore it would also be legal to knock it off, as well as the cube below it.

Additionally, that question was answered in a Q&A post here: