Is This Legal for the Unprotected Zone?

I’m not sure if this is okay or if I should ask this on the Q&A instead.

But what I thought would kinda affect the way that certain robots might work. While at the Mark Leon Invitational event I saw a team get disqualified for these actions done.

I was wondering if a team has a reverse stacker and all the cubes are already in a “stacked” position but the robot is still touching the bottom cube, is it okay for a team to play defensive against the stacker in the unprotected zone?

If I’m correct, you can mess with the robot, but not the cubes. So at least if the cubes are scored, you still can’t touch the cubes.

no. it’s illegal according to SG3. since by playing defense you probably mean to knock the stack over and it’s pretty much impossible to do so w/o contacting their robot, thus it would be a match affecting violation of SG3 A and you’d get DQed.

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though if you can do it in the nick of time with a specially designed mechanism that knocks over their stack without contacting their robot at all, then it’s legal.

Just to clarify - are you referring to the stack of cubes still residing inside the robot? Or is the stack placed in the goal but with the robot still touching it?

If it is the former, then of course you can play defense against it, as Long as you are not grappling or latching onto the other robot, and it is outside the protected zone.

And if the stack of cubes are already placed in the goal, but with the robot touching the bottom cube, well… technically the stack is not scored yet (since the robot is still touching the bottom cube), so technically you can play defense against it.
But a lot depends on what sort of defensive actions are you referring to.
If you are hitting or pushing the opponent while it is trying to score the stack of cubes, then most likely you will be either pinning or trapping the opponent.
And there is always a danger of the opponent moving off from the cube (and hence not touching the bottom cube anymore and the stack is now consider as scored), but you couldn’t react fast enough to the change in status of the cubes and still push the opponent and causing it to crash onto the scored stack of cubes and in the process, descore the stack. This will be a potential DQ-able offence.

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I’m not the person you’re asking, but I personally was referring to the stack in the zone, that is scored.

I’m afraid that won’t work. Also per SG3, row B, you can not contact any of the scores cubes. Directly or indirectly. And when it comes to the protected zone cubes, there is not a single loophole to my knowledge that lets you even touch them.

Just to be safe, for the unprotected zone, I would treat the opposing robot as being protected anyways just to be safe

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The cubes are not considered scored if the opposing robot is still in contact with the base cube of that stack. So if you can knock over the stack while their robot is still touching the base cube and not touch their robot and inner protected zone one bit then you’re good.

but I’d still not recommend it for its difficulty to pull off.

The cubes are out of the robot but the robot is still touching the bottom cube.

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But I also forgot to bring up this point as well with the tray and rollers still touching all of the cubes as well.

So the robot is still touching all of the cubes as the tray and rollers on the robot are still touching all the cubes that have been placed in the scoring zone.

even if this is legal, you have to think about what the ref is seeing. you really don’t want to make a ref have to decide between your opponent, who’s stack got knocked over because of you, or you saying the way you did it is technically legal, because they will likely rule against you.


I feel like this situation falls under the rule of using common sense. Yes, you can do it legally, but it is nearly impossible and the ref might not let a slim loophole like that slide. If your worried about your opponent placing a decent stack you should make a defensive strategy to prevent them from getting a decent stack.


well… as i have mentioned…