Is this legal?

Is it legal for our team to take the vex drum and wrap it in velcro and then on the other sticky side wrap anti-slip-mat on it to increase the diameter of the drum?

wrong, section
and as long as you are using VEX parts, you are allowed
(i dont think the “sticky side” anti slip mat is an official vex part)

What is a VEX Drum?

i think he was referring to the other sticky side of the velcro

ahh, gotcha
it should be ok in that case
u have a pic of what you are trying to do?

not yet the team is considering some other ideas to increase the diameter of the drum

What are you referring to as a VEX drum?

Just out of curiosity why do you need to increase the size of the “drum” (im assuming to be the 6 inch vex wheel)



Try this:

What goal is accomplished by padding the winch drum,
that cannot be done by changing the gearing instead?](

to answer all the questions

1)the drum is from the winch and pulley kit sorry for not saying that sooner

2)we plan to increase the diameter because our lift takes too long to fully extend so we decided to increase the diameter to make each rotation pull in more string the plan is to take the 3/4 inch diameter drum and hopefully get as close to 1 1/2 inch diameter

3)we dont use the housing that comes in the kit we went with our own custom system so that we could use two motors instead of one

if someone can tell me how to post pictures I will show an idea we had of how to do it

this is what we were thinking of and sorry about the size

Again, this isn’t an official thread, but I see no reason as to why this wouldn’t be legal. Its all VEX parts and you aren’t really “modifying” any of them to an extreme extent.

Just my opinion

its legal but why wouldn’t you just put standoffs into the preexisting holes if you wanted to make it bigger or use a different gear combination if you want the speed

We tried changing the gearing to make it faster but we had a lot of problems with chain and we need to stick with the high strength gears and we tried faster ratios but it just wasn’t working the same and thanks for the standoff idea

I would suggest getting another length of rope and winding that around your winch to give it a larger diameter. It will squish less than the anti slip mat and is definitely legal.

Another thing that my team has played around with doing is making our own winches out of polycarbonate. You can bend a sheet of polycarb into a cylinder by heating it up a little in your oven and use 2 more flat sheets for the edges of the winch.

Are you possitive this is legal? People at my school have said that it was illegal this season, but I know we’ve done it in the past. We could be wrong, but I was just wondering


After a quick scan of some of the questions in this thread - I want to repeat something I always tell students when they ask about “legality” and rules.

The answers are easy - Read the manual.

If the materials or manufacturing operations are allowed (not forbidden) by a rule, then they are legal.

If a rule declares a material or method illegal, then they are not allowed.

It’s really quite simple.

Using informal questions and answers posted here, or using hearsay comments that might or might not be based on past seasons rules is no substitute for simply reading the rules yourself and thereby gaining the great satisfaction that comes from being one of the people who knows the answers (instead of guessing at them).

Don’t get me wrong; forum discussions are great; but they are far more useful when they are build on a solid foundation of knowledge than when they are built on uncertainty.

Start by reading the rules, then discuss ideas that spring from your creativity, or to clean up your understanding of specific rules that you didn’t understand.


Specifically, look at rule <R7> f.
Robots are allowed polycarbonate as cut from a single 12" x 24" sheet up to 1/16" thick. Teams may heat the polycarbonate to aid in bending.