Is this Legal?

Hi Karthik

I am Mr Teo from 8065/66 series teacher IC. I got a question.

If i use the vex pneumatics pipe tuding to hold the cube in place ( See Picture 2) , if that legal? The tuding can be in size during inspection because it is soft and bendable. But in the actual match , it is sticking out. I have seen quite a lot of teams using cable tie in a similar way.

Pls advise.

Teo Y.M


Picture 1.jpg
Picture 2.jpg

This would not be legal, as the robot must fit within size at the start of the match.

(This is not an official reply)

Owen is correct, this is not legal.

Dear Owen and Oliver,

Thank for the immediate response. I will look for another way .

Teo Y.M

Owen and Oliver are right, but they are also assuming your robot is near the max width allowance which isn’t shown in the pictures. If your robot was thin enough to be in size with the tubing sticking out, it would be legal.

Also, you probably already know, but the starting position shown in your pictures is not legal since the wheel is touching the grey tiles.

He mentions that it can be in size for inspection “but in the actual match it is sticking out”.

It does look like a clever way to hold the cube though so well done on that :slight_smile:

Every part that is yours has to be in the 18" cube. Rubber bands is the other way we’ve seen people hold things together for the start of a match.

Feel free to call offenders of being outside the 18" box when they start a match.

I feel too many people let robots slide with what really is a rule violation. It’s up to the kids to call the other robot on the field if they see it is too large. Too many kids (my teams included) try and cram the robot to be 18" and not have a good way of ensuring that 18" is managed properly when on the field witht he preload.

Yeah , i can foresee there will be some teams using this methods ( using tuding, rubber band, cable tie and etc…At least i have made clear for my teams that it is not legal.

At most i will put that in my bot, my kids can clear that cube in 1 - 2 sec.

See you guys in Worlds…

Teo Y.M