Is this legal?

Can you block a robot from touching the parked area? If the robot wanted to pin, the rules mentioned in SG4 would not be violated, but if the robot wanted to “get in the way” of the robot entering the parked area would that be okay or would it be called for “un-sportsman-like” conduct?

It would very much be part of the strategy for alliance members grappling for those last points. Especially early in the season with the majority of push bots, it would be useful with low scoring matches.

It would be a good strategy in district qualifier when four robots can do little things, but 2 pts bonus is nothing comparing to the score of the entire match. I think this year it is hard or useless to do a lot of defence or focus on defence. Lots of rule against you to build a defensive robot or apply defensive strategies.

it would be better to block their zones, which also isn’t pinning.

But, doesn’t blocking a robot from parking mean that you are also not parking? It ends up in a net 0 point swing, unless you can somehow block 2 robots from parking.

Based on the location of the tiles, with a well designed robot you might be able to block the opposing parking zone while being parked.

What you don’t realize, is that if both you and your teammate park, it’s a bonus of 4 points, not just 2. 4 points is almost just as high as the highest stack bonus. Am I mistaking what’s said that it’s 4 points if both park and not just 2?

If there is time to park all four robots will be trying to park, so if there is nothing weird going on there is no net gain of points. Every robot will be able to park.

Basically what I’m stating is that if you and your partner have a mechanism that blocks the opponent
from parking, and you both park, that will be an 8 point swing just from parking… This can be fairly considered in the future game.

It’s really only 4, because you are always parking, while your opponents only aren’t when you block them. It is a battle over an 8 point difference though. Still significantly less meaningful than autonomous, but it will have an effect in higher levels of competition.

The potential return of wallbots?

No, robots are forbidden from expanding beyond 48" x 48" x ∞"

Yeah true, I doubt a 4 foot wallbot will be good for blocking.

Well, at least in VRC, a 4’x4’ robot would be able to score a parking bonus while blocking the other alliance from getting it

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It’ll only leave 2 feet on each side so it should work