Is This Material Legal

Is this a legal alternative to the VEX anti-slip mat?

I don’t believe it’s illegal because I’ve seen videos of teams using an array of anti-slip mats so you should be good. I honestly think no inspector could really tell a difference if it is illegal.

if it has the exact same patterning/size/material of vex antislip your good. otherwise no.

It looks like the right stuff based on the picture. You’ll need to cut it into 12" x 15" pieces, which is the VEX legal size. You can use as much as you want, provided each piece is legal. You can zip-tie or otherwise fasten the small pieces together if you need a larger piece.

You may want to make sure it is made of the same material as what vex sells.

Yeah its fine. We use it. Its the same size and pattern therefore its legal.