Is this ok

Does this work or should I change this it is a pinion gear on the slip gear and the normal gear

Hard to tell from the picture, but I have a feeling that you rendered your slip gear useless with the gear on the left. Since the pinion meshes with (I’m assuming) an unshaved gear you’ll never cause any slipping unless the slip gear has circular inserts, but then that would also defeat the purpose of your unshaved gear.
Care to explain what you’re trying to do here? You would be able to get more input.

to prevent the unshaven gear from meshing you can just add a spacer between the two.

I think you can answer for yourself whether it works. Just run the motor! (Probably run it a bunch of times though…)

I suggest not having the pinion overlap the slip gear and the driven gear. Just have the pinion drive the driven gear and let the axle drive the slip gear.

Is this for a cat? I don’t see anything that uses the slip gear?