Is This Robot VRC Legal?

Discuss. All measurements are in inches.


YES! If you cut off the first 6" of it.


No (the HS 12t gears used have the old 1/4" bore, which have been discontinued and removed from the website, and are therefore illegal)

Additionally I suspect some aerosol-based lubricant has been applied, which would be in violation of <r8>

make sure you fix those two issues, otherwise looks good to me.


I believe it to be legal without having to do this.

Im pretty sure it folds up, if you look closely at the design you can see where one of the sets of wheels folds up fitting it into the size limit.

The robot does not fold.


If you had a kickstand or put it upside down along the lift bars this would be a legal starting position for this robot. If it was on the lift it should have enough torque to right itself at the start of the match.

Would it necessarily even need to do that?

I do not see where the manual states the orientation in which the robot must start.


Yes the robot can be orientated in any way (such as upside down on its lift.

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very clever

and yes, you’re right, as far as I can tell the manual does not specify that the robot has to be in any specific orientation within the 18x18x18 dimensions, just that it has to fit in these dimensions, which this robot certainly does, strangely enough.

I guess this is today’s episode of breaking the game manual.



I suppose one could interpret this wording

to mean that the 18" length and width have to be in horizontal dimensions parallel to the tiles, and that tall-ness would need to be in a perfectly vertical direction perpendicular to the tiles, but where’s the fun in that?

There are numerous mentions to use good judgement within the game manual. I would not pass this through inspection. Sorry.

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My robot is less than 18" long, it just so happens to start the match (and play the entire match) angled 45 degrees down.


This is purely a design choice, though. You can’t fail a robot simply for being designed poorly.

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unless length/width is interpreted as having to be measured parallel to the tiles, and height measured perpendicularly, in which case it would not pass.
Though, by this logic, a 6’ person laying down would no longer be 6’ tall, but instead 6’ long, or even more bizarrely, wide, which is a silly thing to suggest, but is it accurate?


nothing like a vrc game manual to trigger discussions about whether a 6 foot tall person laying down is now technically considered 6 feet wide.


One possible interpretation, maybe, but the game manual does not clarify.


You keep missing the explicit instructions to use good judgement, AND decision of the head ref/event partner have authority.

Yes, I get the whole dimension thing. But if you’re arguing for the sake of arguing… get ready for an sg3 (?) (have to lookup the DQ from entire event ruling) ruling.


If the other, equally interpretation is considered, then you could theoretically create a robot with two points on the drive 36" apart, and have that fit in the size limit by spanning two opposite corners of the 18" sizing cube, along the diagonal of the diagonal if that makes any sense.