Is this solenoid legal in vex vrc

All solenoids are out of stock and not available in 4 weeks. We found SYJ3120-SMO-M3 with 2 side wire connector. Is this legal for vrc?
Please help


Yes. That is sold in the double-acting kit.

no, look closer, it has a cable mount on both ends?

I’m not 100% certain, but I don’t think that component is part of any pneumatic kits, and therefore would not be legal for competition, even if it works.


I see… Yeah you’re correct.

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As long as the serial number is identical to the VEX part it’s legal

Thanks everyone for replying.
Yes serial no is same only f is missing in last which stand for bracket and it works with 2 side wires.

IMO I do not think this gives any competitive advantage. If this were regular competition I doubt a judge would say no to you competing for something as small as this. The bigger worry is legality for larger tournaments like states and works which they will likely say no.

i think you should be fine, but it is up to the comp that u are at

Unfortunately, if the inspectors are holding to the rules as written, that is technically a different model number. I agree, it doesn’t appear to have any competitive benefit, but it is not exactly the same part number…

u could take the plate off, which might satisfy more strict inspectors (boltcutters or similar)

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