Is this ugly???

be honest

looks good :slight_smile:

If it works, it’s ok. That’s about all you have to worry for.

Fiona was ugly, but Shrek still married her…

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I would recommend it to spread more horizontally across the bot to have more coverage against cones getting stuck, but otherwise, it doesn’t look too bad.

Only way to make it prettier is to asymmetrically fasten it with white zip ties XD

It looks fine, but imo looks are unimportant. But the more outrageous or ugly, the more interesting your bot is.

If you’re trying to protect that midsection of your robot, then I’d use more and extend it over the crosspieces on the bottom and the gears I see peeking over the top.

But Shrek was also ugly…

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Woah there, you’re taking this a bit too far.

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Well if you replace it make sure the edges are staight but if it works leave. You might not get it to work as well again if you make it pretty. Utility over look.

why though…

If for some reason it gets damaged and you need it replaced anyway you can make it a straighter peice but if you don’t need to dont

Looks good for me

It’s so ugly lol

Just spray paint the mesh to say “THE BLACK MAMBA” and you’ll be redeemed.