Is too much intake compression a problem for 200rpm motors

Title explains most of it, my intakes are very compressed, ~4in between them. Most people say ~5.25in between intakes are good. My intakes can get 11-12 cubes with 100rpm motors but only 7-8ish with 200rpm, should I increase the space between them to get the 200rpm motors to work better?

Have you had formal drive practice yet? Cause at one point my intakes were that far apart and the cubes were being pushed around instead actually going in the intakes. Ur intake should be barely overlapping with the tray

Too much compression is a problem for any rpm motors. The motors have to do the work of pushing cubes, and also resisting against the arms pushing together. The vast majority of teams use 200rpm intakes and with proper intake angle, tray angle, and of course compression, teams have been able to do 13+.


Too much compression will be a problem but your intakes might also not be able to do 11-12 on 200rpm because the sprockets are too big. What size sprockets are you using?

Pictures can help 20char

sorry for the late reply, i have been doing a lot of stuff today. we are using 64 tooth sprockets rn

we are using “china” style intakes rn so that is not a problem, the first sprocket is a bit smaller and because it is seperated from the other we can allways intake cube and not push them arround, the only problem is getting them up the tray on 200rpm motors. (also to reiderate 100rpm motors work fine and can intake 11+)

64 tooth sprockets are definitely way too big. most people who do 11 cubes or over with 200rpm motors have 18t or 24t sprockets, but you’ll have to build the robot well if you want to use 24t sprockets to get 11+ cubes without a very low tray angle.

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also it seems that 64t sprockets don’t exist.37 PM

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why is this? My very first intakes of the season used 24 tooth and couln’t work at all barely. I feel like i should also mention that I am using “china” style intakes with seperated chain on sprockets (also i just saw your other message, its the size directly below 84, idk the tooth count)

wait im dumb, im going of gear sizes not sprockets i use 24 in the back and 18 in the front of my intakes @Riptide

Mine are about the same distance but tensioned hinge mount, and with 200 they can handle 11 without problem.

How do teams get 13+ blocks with 200 rpm intakes? Do they use extremely small sprockets? I My team can only get 12 with 100 rpm intakes. The team that has this robot is going to smash at Worlds

You can do 13 with 18t sprockets. It’s all about tuning compression, tray angle, and tray to intake angle just right.


@Amanda if your intakes are angled at the tray a lot you will have trouble intaking lots of cubes. The rollers should be almost parallel to the tray to maximize efficiency but to make sure cubes don’t fall out when intaking you have to raise the rollers and put high sidewalls next to the rollers so the cubes don’t twist.

my intakes are about ~2 degrees off from the tray, very parallel. Also with that cube do not twist or fall out of my tray, the only problem i am having is the cubes do not get pushed up the tray after 10 cubes