Is touching the net legal in over under?

In over under can you touch the net? The rules specify a robot should not be entangled with the net but not sure if consistent touching is legal. SG5 for rule book reference. Just wanting outside input before mall.

You will likely need to put your controller down for the remainder of the match if your robot touches the net.

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My gut is that team will be warned not to contact net.

Referees should be looking for major issues, moving net to score or de-score tri-balls, or entanglement issues.

If robot gets tangled in net - controllers down for sure - whether deliberate or not, or forced by opposing alliance - intent is to prevent field damage.

This is false. Connor, please read the rules before answering rules questions on the forum.

<SG5> Stay away from nets on the Goals. Becoming Entangled with the net on either Goal is considered a violation of <S1> and/or <G7>, and will result in a Disablement. Causing an opponent to become Entangled with the net is considered a violation of <G15> and, at a minimum, will result in a Disablement for both Teams.

Note: Lifting the net structure in an attempt to add or remove Triballs is considered a Violation
of <SG5>, and may also be considered a Violation of <G7>, and/or <S1> at the Head Referee’s discretion.
Violation Notes:
Momentary or incidental contact is expected and is not considered a Violation or Disablement. The rule only becomes invoked once a Robot has become Entangled with a net and the Head Referee wishes to avoid potential field damage

Therefore, mere contact with the net is not a violation of SG5, let alone a violation worthy of disablement. That being said, you should be extremely careful with any contact with the net, as if you become entangled, even if it was due to being pushed by an opponent, you will be disabled for the remainder of the match.