Is using the same brain for two robots legal?

So my school has 5 teams getting ready for a competition in February. Because we have so many teams, there are not enough brains to use. What did we do? We ordered one; about three months ago. The v5 brains have been on backorder for like forever, and competition is in less than a month. Is there a way we can switch out a brain from a currently unused robot from our team during the competition? Because I fear that a three-month back order brain will not come in like three weeks. I know that there will be a huge issue with inspections and everything, but if we manage to pull it off and even out the inspections, would it be legal? We have also tried asking some other schools if they had any extra, but all returned with a negative outcome. Please help, my whole team is counting on me.

As long as two teams that are both competing in the same competition aren’t sharing a brain, this is perfectly legal. V5 brains are not specifically linked to one team.

So I cant switch out the brain from robot to robot in a tournament

I don’t know the VIQC game manual well, but I believe you can unless they are in the same match.

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You mentioned V5 but posted in an IQ thread. Can you please clarify? Where are you located? I’m surprised that there’s not an organization nearby that couldn’t loan your organization a brain.


Sorry, the question was for the v5 competition I just mislabeled the forum by accident. I am located in Missouri, the schools robotics team has not been active for 2 to 3 years. As far as I know, we do not have a benefactor other than the school district I am in.

Contact your RECF Team Engagement Manager - you can find the contact info on RobotEvents under the Resources tab - Contact Us. Your ReCF TEEM will be able to put you in touch with a local teams who can loan you gear.

I have found organizations in VRC to be really helpful.


Ok, will do. Thank you for your support, I will contact my school and see if they are willing to something like that.

How many V5 brains are you looking for?

We just need one, although I don’t know if we will need an antenna/radio, controller, and/or battery.