Is VCS ever getting an update?

VCS currently in a barely usable state, and there hasn’t been any updates thus far. Wireless downloading, fixing of basic bugs, no additions, multi file support, dark theme, anything. When you open a new program and Undo, VCS crashes. When you select everything in the code, you have to scroll to the bottom to unselect. The drag and drop for motor/sensor setup is so buggy that things will vanish from the screen, but not actually be deleted. The “coming soon” on live motor/sensor information has been sitting there since the release.

This honestly just looks bad for VEX. They put their name on it, and made their own coding studio for the V5 architecture, and it hasn’t received a single update.

When will there be an update for VEX Coding Studio?


might i introduce you to notvcs?

yeah I was also annoyed about the lack of multi file support.

I suspect that after the season there will be updates. I was told that Vex tries not to update software in the season.

I understand why they might not want to update in competition season, but its basically unusable by itsself.

Ya just use PROS or RMS. Just let vcs die.


@tabor473 That was dark.

Knowing a bunch of work must have gone into VCS, I feel kind of bad saying this, but honestly at this point there is no good reason to use VCS over RMS or PROS. Support and features for either of the latter are light years ahead of what VCS currently has to offer, and new ones are currently being added at a rapid pace.

Unlike the background of VCS

VCS hasn’t even gotten a bug fix, I get not wanting to add major features mid season, but not fixing any existing issues? That doesn’t make any sense.