Is vex a sport?

it isnt a sport, its a lifestyle…

True definition of robotics

Don’t forget 24hr LeMans

I agree that VEX is more like esports than a conventional sport. Mostly because it doesn’t require a lot of physical activity, but requires much mental strength and fast reflexes. Just like esports.

A quick google search yields
“an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment…
synonyms: (competitive) game(s), physical recreation, physical activity, physical exercise…”

Three out of four synonyms are based purely on exercise. Try as you might, vex is not a sport. Sure, you may have to run to the pits at an event, but at a large high school you sometimes have to run to not be late to class. In vex you may very well put in more hours over a series of months than sports teams, but the focus isn’t physical activity. My school offers varsity letters for robotics, and I still don’t consider it a sport.

In the long run, it’s probably better to not classify it as a sport. Very few high-school and even college athletes go professional; a much larger percentage of vex-goers go into STEM related fields. This practical and experience giving program shouldn’t be defined as a sport, as it focuses on different tasks, and is statistically more helpful for you in the long run.

If they offer a sportsmanship award, then it should be considered a sport

You ask our opinion and then argue with it…

Regardless, the definition of sportsmanship:
fair and generous behavior or treatment of others, especially in a sports contest.
Especially is unequal to always.

In addition, just because “we” offer this “sporty” award, no one else has to consider it a sport.

You also have to remember they’re driving at 120mph for 4 hours straight.

I still think VEX should be considered a sport.

I am a highschool athelete. I build bots.

If badmitton is a sport. Then vex definitely is.

It’s also in the Olympics.
“At high levels of play, the sport demands excellent fitness: players require aerobic stamina, agility, strength, speed, and precision.”
And it’s spelled Badminton…

Edited to add quote.

Wouldn’t it be called a sport, because in this site(It’s not really a site)link text it says that the definition of sport is something for entertainment. Vex is pretty entertaining for me, so…

I think a lot of this discussion is revolving around the misconception that sports must be athletic.

The definition only states that there is physical exertion not being physically athletic.

Moving the joystick and the communication between alliances does qualify as physical exertion.

Robotics is also entertainment or TV wouldn’t be broadcasting it.

Robotics also requires skill as you all know.

That checks all the boxes.

My opionion is that robotics is a sport. Robotics is not athletic.

Edit: looking at the synonyms it’s obvious why people equate sports as being inherently athletic. Maybe that’s a English language thing. I’d be curious how sporting events are characterized in other languages

I’m not saying anyone is right/wrong, but you MAY want to check actual dictionaries, instead of simply Google…

Do they still print those?


So I dug one out, not sure if it’s terribly enlightening. Thanks Webster…

I didn’t even think about hunting as a sport… huh. Freezing my butt off in a deer stand to take shots at bambi doesn’t see all that sporty.


Everytime I see you post you seem so angry…

I won’t claim my interpretation is correct. People are free to draw their own conclusions. There is a decent argument for both sides.

@TheColdedge Well-done! I suppose if you ignore any additional social connotations added to the definition of a sport (lel Google), then VEX is absolutely a sport. I guess it’s all a matter of opinion now, isn’t it?

Is there a dictionary that triumphs all dictionaries? If not, then this is a stupid question. If so, what is it, so we can end this argument. I want to say it isn’t a sport, but I’m not an expert on the exact definition of “sport”