Is VEX EDR with VEXnet 802.11g programable

Our school has purchased the VEX EDR system with the VEXnet 802.11g cortex. Is this model programmable, i.e. can we program it to do a series of steps? Is the IQ or Pro model programmable. What software would I use to program the EDR model if it is programmable.

Hey Darrell,

There are two different programming languages that can be used to program the VEX EDR system:

easyC and ROBOTC

They are both C based languages. Both have lots of tutorials online and are fairly easy to learn. I recommend you visit both of their websites to learn more about them.

VEX IQ also has two official options for programming:

Modkit and ROBOTC

The VEXpro system is designed specifically for use in the FIRST Robotics Competition. While we do manufacture speed controllers for that competition we do not sell the cortex equivalent. The common programming languages in that competition are C++, Labview, and Java.

Cheers, Bryan