Is Vex go parts legal on Vex Iq robots

So guys I was seeing the Vex go parts and they are similar to Vex IQ parts so I was wondering that if we have Vex go parts on Vex IQ would it be legal in Vex IQ competition or not. Here is a ImageAnnotation 2020-07-18 154424 if you do not Believe me

Check the VEX IQ Challenge game manual. It will almost certainly contain the answer to your question.


Even if they are legal, you do not want to use them. The pins are made to be weaker to come out easily for younger students.


Oh Really I never new this, Thanks

Here’s more info on weaker vex go pins:

That aside, it looks like the structural elements (beams, corner connectors, etc) are the same parts that come in the IQ kits, just in unusual colors. If they have the same part numbers. If you get some “VEX GO parts” and they have the same part numbers as “VEX IQ parts” (see this page for finding part numbers), then they’re the same parts and thus are legal for use in IQ.

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well could u use vex 123 parts on vex iq lol

Also there are no parts in Vex 123

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The best answer is that you can as long as it’s in the parts appendix. The pins for VEX GO are different, and have a hexagon shape to them so you can tell the difference. They are intentionally made to be easier to remove, so they wouldn’t give anyone competitive advantage anyway.

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