Is not updating anymore?

It appears that hasn’t been updated since before worlds last year (you can see on the events page). No change up events/stats have been added, and things like the skills index are still from tower takeover.

Does anyone know if it will ever be updated again?

@nallen01 perhaps?


I think vexdb updates automatically, but something about the robotevents api or something changed that caused it to break. (I know nothing about how this actually works, this is just what I remember hearing when this question has come up before so I could be wong)

which is a shame because vexdb was probably the nicest way to access all that info.


IIRC vexdb was getting data by scraping the tournament result CSV files that RobotEvents used to have available, and those stopped being provided when the public (in the sense that anyone can request access) API was rolled out over the summer.


Yup, it’s unfortunate. Mostly because it also broke Vexibot before it registered my first award.

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